China Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press
Applications of Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine
1.Mainly is applicable to metal materials associated with cold extrusion, forming銆乻hallow銆乨rawing and blanking reasons.
2. This kind of because automobiles, motorcycle extra parts, cellphone housing, LED rad, watchband, watchcase, hardware equipment, etc.
Features of Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine
1.Higher accuracy of the portable working table and high rigidity of the press body get this to press
2. Usually suitable for forming of or piece with the irregular condition and required for high precision;
3. 4 columns are made of mixed metal with high tensile resistance and cautiously grinded
4. Major hydraulic container will be made of metal throw steel as well as its internal surface is carefully floor Machining;
Technical Specifications of Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine
Main cylinderRated capacityTon160160200260260350350420
Blank holding cylinderRated capacityTon6060759090150150180
Knocking out ejectorRated capacityTon55555101010
Open heightmm9001000900900900100012001500
Height of fixed working tablemm10801100110012001200155016001700
Approaching the speed of
Drawing speed of
Returning speed of
Ascending speed of blank holding cylindermm/s120120115160160858575
Working table size available(L-R)mm7109008009001100105012501400
Overall dimension(L-R)mm209002280219022002400297030903690
Motor powerkw3030303737555555
Weight(Approx)kg600066007500950012500160002200023000China Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press

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