Don't beat about the bush email address
Don't beat about the bush. If you want your reader to buy your soaps then tell them so. If you want them to take out a subscription, ask them to sign up (and make it super easy). Ask straight away - don't leave it until the middle of the letter. 9. Talk benefits Know the difference between features and benefits. Instead of an email address saying 'the X65 lawnmower has a barrel of sixty rotating blades' say 'the X65 lawnmower develops a healthy lawn within weeks'. Decide which is the most important email address benefit and put that first. All the other benefits follow.

Make it personal Address the reader as if you were sitting beside them. Make it email address about them and not you. Every time you write 'we' try and change it to 'you. 11. Emphasize important points email address Emphasise important words by using bold or underline, but don't overdo it or the power is lost. Indent to emphasize key paragraphs. 12. Make sure the letter flows Guide the reader gently from one point to another. Sentences should be linked and ideas should be set email address out in logical order. 13. Entice the reader to act Your letter must end with a 'call to action'.

Now you've (hopefully!) Sold the reader to make it easy for them to act. Don't make it complicated by providing lots of alternatives that involve decisions. Give an incentive email address too: 'reply by 20th August and you will receive a free watch'. 14. Provide reassurance Make sure the reader knows they can't lose. For instance, say you won't take payment until the product has been dispatched or that they won't be charged for 60 days. 15. Use an email address PS When you receive a letter do your email address eyes go straight to the PS? So do your readers. There should be a new 'just remembered' benefit here to seal the sale. 16. Make it a parcel You don't have to send a letter on its own. A creative package is likely to generate a higher response rate. You could include a sample of your product or a promotional item that will be a constant reminder of your company eg. a email address drink coaster or a pen. 17. Include a reply device Pre-paid postcards with tick boxes make life easy for potential customers. If you can print their name and address for them, all the better.

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